Android Casino Guide

A growing number of fully licensed EU online casinos are now available on mobile and one of the best ways to experience a EU mobile casino is to do so from an Android phone or tablet device. All of today’s US Android compatible casinos are free to sign up to.

HTML5 Online Casino Games and Playing on Android Devices

EU players can now use their Android phone or tablet device to access a growing range of HTML5 mobile casino games at several top-rated US online casinos. If your phone is HTML5 enabled, you can enjoy the latest in mobile casino technology. You can expect state of the art graphics, smooth animated sequences and unrivalled entertainment. You also get to play on the games in HD and you can enjoy responsive touch screen player controls, plus you can find huge prizes on a wide range of games. Some of our most highly recommended US online casinos that have been reviewed for you on this site now have a fantastic range of HTML5 mobile casino games available for Android phone and tablet devices.

The great thing about HTML5 mobile casino games is that you don’t need to actually download anything onto your device. Just sign up to your favourite HTML5 mobile casino for free, choose a game and then click on the game for it to load in a matter of seconds. When using an Android device at a mobile casino for the very first time, all you need to do is follow the simple onscreen instructions and you can be playing on your favourite games in no time at all.

Benefits of Playing on your Android Devices

There are lots of benefits of playing on your Android phone or tablet device as opposed to playing from your PC or laptop. First of all you can enjoy all of the action from the palm of your hand and you have the freedom to move about and play on the go. Online casinos for desktop computers can be more restrictive and you can’t just carry your bulky computer around in the palm of your hand, or sit in the park on a warm sunny day, which is something that you can quite easily do with an Android phone or tablet device.

The other benefits are the promotional offers that you are entitled to as a new & existing player. All Android phone and tablet casinos are free to sign up to and they all have some amazing bonuses to benefit from and exciting games for you to check out, some of which are connected to the world’s largest progressive jackpots.

Pitfalls of Playing on your Android Devices

Some of us prefer to watch the action unfold on a much larger screen, such as a laptop screen or PC monitor, so it may take a while to get used to playing at a mobile casino and viewing the action on a much smaller screen. The only other real downside to playing at an Android mobile or tablet casino is that the game selection is still fairly limited. You can’t find as many games at a mobile casino when compared to the amount of games that are available at the desktop version of the same casino.

Mobile batteries can also be a pain and are not as powerful as we would like them to be. This often means that your session time can also be rather limited compared to the session time you can enjoy when playing from a PC or Laptop. Instead of being able to play for hours at a time, you may only get to play on your favourite games for an hour or so when playing on your Android device, unless you have the device plugged into the wall and left charging while you play.

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