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Along with blackjack and roulette, baccarat is one of the most popular casino games. Baccarat was best known through the James Bond films, even if German players still have to line up behind roulette and blackjack in terms of popularity. Many think baccarat is complicated. The large gaming table can be a little scary. We want to reassure you at this point: Baccarat is actually one of the simplest casino games, and much easier than blackjack or roulette, where you have to remember more rules. So it’s no wonder that Baccarat has now also found its way into online casinos. Online baccarat is very popular and the casinos lure with classic, as well as new and fresh baccarat variations that are worth trying out! In this Baccarat guide, we explain to you what distinguishes online baccarat from land-based baccarat, where you can play it, what the requirements are, and what cool variations online baccarat has to offer. But we will also start with the basics and the important question: How do you even play baccarat?


Generally speaking, Online Baccarat is the online virtual version of the land-based Baccarat casino game, with the same rules, the same odds, and the same house edge. Baccarat is a game played between a gambler and a banker. You are not playing against the other players. There are 6 to 8 decks of cards.

Online you either play against a live dealer or against a random number generator. As I said, classic baccarat retains its rules of the game. With online baccarat you will find other interesting baccarat variants with a twist that do not exist in land-based casinos.

Live dealer baccarat games

Live baccarat is, in our opinion, the best form of baccarat available today. It comes closest to playing in a real casino and offers the best variety. Live Baccarat is streamed directly to your home from a casino studio, in real time, of course.

There are 3 major game developers when it comes to Lie casino games: Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, and Playtech.

Here are a few very well-known and popular live baccarat tables from Evolution and NetEnt that offer a great change from classic baccarat:


Online baccarat is very easy to learn. A general distinction is made between virtual baccarat, which is played with a random generator and thus against a machine, and live online baccarat, where you play against a live dealer. In both cases you place your bets by pressing a button on your computer / mobile phone. In Live Online Baccarat, the dealer then shuffles the cards and deals them live.

Types of bets and odds

In online baccarat, the odds of winning depend on whether you are betting on the player’s hand or the banker’s hand. If you bet on the banker, it is 1.06%. If you bet on the player it is 1.36%. You can also bet on a tie. That pays the most, but unfortunately also has an incredible house edge of 14.40% and thus significantly lower chances of winning than the other two bets.

The winnings and the payout, however, remain the same: Both bets give you double the stake as a profit. A won tie bet pays 8: 1 or 9: 1.

The pair bets in Baccarat are very popular and simple side bets. You can bet the player’s first two cards, or the banker’s first two cards are a pair. If you are correct, the payout is 10: 1

Baccarat betting systems and strategies

When playing a traditional game of baccarat, you always have the option to bet on the player, the banker, or a tie. However, if you want to win more in online baccarat, you should know which bets are worth placing.

Bet on the player
Statistically, bets on the player are won 44.62% of the time. The only benefit to betting on the player rather than the banker is that the casino doesn’t take any commission when you win a player bet, so you get the full payout on your bet.

Bet on the banker
Betting on the banker is always the safer bet in online baccarat. 45.86% of bets on the banker are won. The actual probability of winning is even 50.68%, but to compensate for this, the house (casino) usually receives a 5% commission on your winnings.

Bet on a tie
If you want to risk something, or if you have too much money, you can bet on a draw. The probability of winning here is a low 9.52%, you should know that. But the payout is higher. So if you can take risks, it can be well worth the thrill.

The most common baccarat strategy that has become established is to always keep the same bet, either always on the banker or always on the player. Don’t jump back and forth, stay constant. This usually means regular profits and offers a balanced gaming experience.

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