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GoSlotty Casino offering chance to play without account

GoSlotty Casino is one of the latest casinos to enter the market recently. Like so many other modern online casinos, GoSlotty is a casino without an account, also known as Pay’n’Play casinos. This article covers a wide range of GoSlotty experiences.

The advantage of such casinos is quick access to play, as customers do not have to fill out long and tedious forms with their own personal information and again with a new password. Registration and login takes place only with online banking IDs, where the Trustly money transfer service acts as a payment intermediary. GoSlotty starts playing as soon as you have deposited the required amount of money into your GoSlotty Casino  game account using your online bank. In the future, logging in will only be possible using online banking IDs – Trustly will take care of the rest.

What you will find when GoSlotty Casino  is a start-up casino is clearly the casino’s streamlined interface. While visually the casino looks like something is still clearly going on, it is still a working online casino. However, it is appropriate that the GoSlotty interface be further enhanced by this, even though it is quite clear as such. On mobile devices, GoSlotty looks significantly better than the desktop version.

GoSlotty Casino is such a new casino that it has no bonuses at all to offer its customers. It is also possible that the casino has no intention of offering traditional GoSlotty bonus offers to players. This is very common in casinos without registration, the root cause of which is unknown. Apparently, such registration-free casinos have found that complicated bonus terms have begun to annoy casino players and, above all, casinos want to offer better service and faster withdrawals as well as GoSlotty bonus offers and promotions to their players.

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